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Magical Wool vs Traditional Creams

Anti-inflammatory creams extract the Lanolin—the cornerstone ingredient for inflammation relief—from sheep's wool, we believe in preserving its essence. By retaining Lanolin within the wool, Magical Wool harnesses potent anti-inflammatory benefits that address nappy rashes and sore nipples allwithout the need of processed chemicals that are absorbed into the skin.

Furthermore, the wool's intricate air pockets promote breathability, accelerating skin healing, while its exceptional moisture absorption keeps the affected area dry, making it a notably better choice than traditional processed creams.

Unlike creams, it is the original, mess free solution to healing inflammation.

Magical Wool vs Traditional Creams

Unlike creams, it is the original, mess free solution to healing inflammation.
The main active ingredient of Magical Wool is the wool's fat also known as 'Lanolin'. Lanolin is used as the main and active ingredient in baby creams to treat and heal inflammation such as nappy rash. One of the key benefits is that Magical Wool absorbs most of the excess water and moisture keeping the area dry and allowing the skin to breathe.

Getting to know Magical Wool

Benefits of Magical Wool

100% Natural

Certified Organic

Zero Preservatives

Non Toxic

Zero Waste

Sustainable Living

Zero Plastic

Ocean Safe

As Featured In

The Baby Magazine

The Baby Magazine

Healthy Child with Dr Ranj Singh

Healthy Child with Dr Ranj Singh

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