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Your full guide to applying Magical Wool on a nappy rash or on sore nipples

There is no need to apply barrier creams or lotions ever again as the wool heals the inflammation for you - and mess free! The specialised wool contains wool wax, also known as Lanolin that is the main active ingredient that treats and heals inflammation. It has a soothing effect on the skin and supports the affected area to remain dry by absorbing up to 40% of the moisture from the skin, which is a crucial element for the skin to 'breathe' and for the inflammation to heal much more effective and ethical than creams.

How to apply on nappy rash

1. Take a walnut sized amount of the wool and pop inside a clean nappy.

2. Make sure the wool sits directly on the affected area.

3. Close nappy. Make sure the wool sits well and cannot slip easily.

Do not use creams before applying the wool as this will prevent the wool from extracting the moisture from the inflamed area. The wool must lie directly on the skin that is

inflamed for it to work. We also recommend you to change the wool as soon as you change your baby's nappy and do not wash the wool as this will loose the wool's wax. Repeat until the rash is healed. For best results, leave overnight.

How to apply on sore nipples

1. Take a walnut sized amount of Magical Wool.

2. Insert in bra and make sure the wool sits on the affected area.

3. Change frequently when the wool gets wet.

Do not use creams before applying the wool. Many women tend to their sore nipples with creams but they might contain harmful ingredients that the infant might swallow whilst breastfeeding (and can get messy too!). Magical Wool can be applied on the nipple, healing the sore nipple without chemicals, without wiping the area clean before nursing and finally without any harmful residues. We recommend to change the wool frequently and if the condition doesn’t improve or worsens, seek medical advice.

Getting to know Magical Wool

➤ Place the wool directly on the area to be treated. For a nappy rash secure with a nappy and for sore nipples secure with a bra.

➤ Do not apply any additional creams to the affected area otherwise the wool can no longer absorb moisture and therefore lose its effectiveness.

➤ Magical Wool must be replaced in the nappy area after each use for hygienic reasons.

➤ Do not wash Magical Wool as this will lose the wool wax.

➤ Never apply the Magical Wool directly on open wound, as the fibers of the wool can stick to the wound. Instead, use a guaze.

➤ For best results, leave overnight.

➤ Magical Wool is not suitable for acute inflammatory or feverish illnesses.

➤ Magical Wool does not replace a visit to the doctor. So if you are unsure, have questions or you or your child's health is deteriorating, consult a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to use Magical Wool?

Magical Wool is a 100% natural product. It does not contain any ingredients that might be harmful to the body. However some people are allergic to wool or Lanolin, which is rare though. If you are allergic to wool or Lanolin please do not use this product or if your skin becomes worsened stop the treatment immediately.

How often should I change Magical Wool placed in a nappy?

Every time you change the nappy. For best results, leave 3-4 grams overnight.

Shall I apply any additional cream unto the affected area as well? 

No. Magical Wool will be all you need to treat the inflamed area.

How quick does the Magical Wool help? 

With irritated skin, all symptoms usually go away between 24-36 hours of treatment. If it is a small rash, it can help even within hours. One of the many additional advantages of using Magical Wool is that the wool absorbs the moisture which allows the skin to breathe, making the rash heal much quicker and more effective than anti-inflammatory creams.

What is the difference between regular wool and Magical Wool? 

Magical Wool is wool from a certain type of sheep living on our farms. The Magical Wool is washed gently retaining much of the natural fat, which is the main active ingredient for healing and soothing inflamed areas. Regular wool has all natural fats removed.

Do we do wholesale orders?

At Magical Wool we aim to distribute our specialised organic healing wool around the world. Why? because we believe in healing inflammation organically with zero tolerance for unhealthy ingredients that might be harmful to yours or your loved ones health. If you are interested in reselling our product, we would love to hear from you. We also offer custom packaging!

Where do we ship to? 

We offer FREE tracked shipping worldwide, delivering to over 200 countries around the world including Europe, North America, South America, Asia & Australia.

Have any questions? we are here to help.

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