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How to apply Magical Wool

What, how and when

In short, Magical Wool or 'fat wool' is natural sheep's wool. The specialised wool contains wool wax, also known as Lanolin that is the main active ingredient that treats and heals inflammation. It has a soothing effect on the skin and supports the affected area to remain dry by drawing away the moisture from the skin (which is a crucial element for the skin to 'breathe' and for the inflammation to heal much quicker than most creams)

How to apply Magical Wool - Explained by Laura Ronmann-Höhn

Laura is a midwife for over 10 years and a mother of 4 | Source: Laura Ronmann-Höhn

How to apply Magical Wool

When using Magical Wool, it is important that the wool comes into direct contact with the inflammation. The small woolly hairs then stimulate blood circulation and the Lanolin can unfold to its full effect. In the case of open wounds, a fine net should be placed over the wool as this will prevent the wool from sticking to the wound. It is best to take a ball-sized amount of Magical Wool and shape it fluffy. make sure the wool sits directly onto the affected area. For a nappy rash, apply the wool inside the nappy and close. The same also applies for breastfeeding mothers. Take a piece of the wool and close on the bra so the wool sits tightly on the nipple area. There is no need to apply barrier creams or lotions ever again as the wool heals the inflammation for you - mess free! Should a cream be applied, the wool will no longer be able to absorb the moisture and therefore will lose its effectiveness. Replace the wool after each use and do not wash the wool as this will lose the wool's wax.

Our wool has the highest level of Lanolin that help treat and heal inflammation | Source: Magical Wool

When to apply Magical Wool

The best time to apply Magical Wool is before your little lamb goes to sleep. This way the wool gains maximum exposure to the inflamed area and works its magic through the night! If the skin is only mildly irritated then this healing wool can do its job within a few hours. If your little lamb has a full blown nappy rash then it can take 24-36 hours to treat it.

Additional notes to keep in mind when using Magical Wool

● In rare cases, Magical Wool can cause allergies. If the symptoms in your child, you or another family member do not improve after a short time or worsens, stop the treatment and contact your local doctor. Overall Magical Wool is an organic product and safe to use.

● Healing wool must be replaced in the diaper area after each use for hygienic reasons.

● Never put Magical Wool directly on open wounds.

● Magical Wool causes a warming, tingling feeling on the skin, possibly also a slight itching. This is due to the stimulation of the blood circulation and only indicates that the wool's fat is beginning to take effect.

● Magical Wool is not suitable for acute inflammatory or feverish illnesses.

● Magical Wool does not replace a visit to the doctor. So if you are unsure, have questions or your child's or your health is deteriorating, consult a doctor.

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