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Treatment and Preventing 

Teething Rash

As babies grow, they may sport a variety of rashes, making it challenging for parents to discern between minor irritations and serious conditions. Fortunately, the teething rash—often a teething symptom—is typically on the benign side.

Understanding Teething Rash

Commonly termed "drool rash," teething rash manifests due to saliva accumulation on the baby's face.

Why Does It Occur?

Young babies haven't mastered the skill to keep saliva in check. If not cleaned, the lingering drool can inflame their mouth or chin area. Teething often exacerbates this, as new teeth eruption can lead to increased dribbling. Moreover, around the six-month mark, babies naturally produce more saliva, preparing their bodies to process family foods that require additional moisture.

Recognising Teething Rash

Teething rash, predominantly seen around the mouth or chin, presents as a red and inflamed patch. It can be tender, itchy, and sometimes even yield dry, cracked skin.

Mitigating Teething Rash

The key to teething rash relief is keeping the affected zone dry, facilitating healing and minimizing further irritation. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline before outdoor excursions can shield the rash from adverse weather conditions.

Preventing Teething Rash

Ensuring your baby wears a bib, especially during teething, helps in catching and wiping away drool. Maintain dryness by routinely switching to clean, absorbent bibs. When your baby enters the drooling phase, safeguard their chin with a barrier ointment like Vaseline. Stick to simple formulas; complex products could exacerbate the irritation.

When to Seek Medical Advice

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