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What Clothing is Best for My Baby in Different Room Temperatures?

The query of "What should my baby wear to bed" might appear straightforward, but for new parents inundated with advice from all directions, it can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a chilly spell or a scorching summer heatwave.

Given that infants cannot regulate their body temperature effectively and tend to release heat rapidly, it's only natural to fret about your little one feeling too hot or too cold.

From deciphering the appropriate tog size for sleep bags to understanding the optimal sleeping arrangements, and determining the number of layers your newborn should be clad in depending on the prevailing temperature, there's a plethora of factors to consider for ensuring safe and comfortable baby slumber. So, here's our comprehensive guide on what your baby should wear at bedtime, with the aim of ensuring both you and your baby enjoy a peaceful night's rest, with hopes that your baby will sleep through the night.

Monitor Your Baby's Room Temperature

The temperature within your baby's sleeping quarters serves as the primary indicator of what your little one should be attired in when bedtime arrives. According to The Lullaby Trust, maintaining a room temperature between 16-20°C is ideal. At this temperature range, your baby should be dressed in a vest, a sleepsuit, and a lightweight sleeping bag.

The most reliable way to ascertain the room temperature is by utilising a dedicated baby room thermometer within your baby's sleeping space. This will aid you in determining the most suitable attire for your baby during the night.

Here's a handy temperature guide to assist you in dressing your baby appropriately for a good night's sleep in varying climates.

What Should My Baby Wear to Bed?

When dressing your precious bundle, remember that simplicity equates to safety. Babies do not require a duvet until they are older. Avoid excessive use of blankets, as little legs are prone to kicking them off. Instead, opt for swaddles or sleep bags.

The number of layers your baby needs will depend on the temperature. In temperatures above 25 degrees, commence with a vest as the sole layer. Subsequently, place your baby in a swaddle or sleep bag to ensure snugness.

For temperatures below 20 degrees, add a sleepsuit to keep your newborn comfortably warm. It's crucial to refrain from adorning your baby with a hat or gloves at bedtime, even in chilly weather. Similarly, during the summer months, avoid overdressing, as this may elevate the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Dressing Your Baby in Hot Weather

• Reduce the layers—just one layer should suffice for your baby.

• Opt for lightweight fabrics such as a thin sleep bag or a lightweight vest.

• During the day, ensure your baby's head is shielded from the sun, keep them out of direct sunlight, and consider using sunglasses to prevent overheating.

Dressing Your Baby in Cold Weather

• Layer up with breathable cotton garments, including a vest, sleepsuit, and sleep bag, as this will trap heat effectively.

• During daytime outings, ensure your baby wears mittens, gloves, and a hat as needed.

• Don't forget to bring along blankets for your daily strolls.

 How Can I Tell If My Baby is Too Warm?

To determine if your baby is too warm, The Lullaby Trust recommends placing your hand on their chest or the back of their neck.

Other indicators of your baby being too warm include:

• Damp hair

• Flushed cheeks

• Rapid breathing

• Heat rash

If your baby feels excessively warm to the touch, start by removing a layer and reassess their comfort level in 10 minutes. You can also crack a window slightly to enhance air circulation.

When checking your baby's temperature, avoid assessing their hands or feet, as these areas tend to be cooler than the rest of their body.

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