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Magical Wool - for your little lamb

Why Magical Wool benefits everyone

Naturally Occurring...

Magical Wool is a naturally occurring fibre that can be placed inside your baby’s nappy to treat and prevent nappy rash. This wool is a 100% natural product that has healing properties for both you (ewe) and your little lamb.

Your little lamb can benefit from this completely natural and organic product with the knowledge that Magical Wool is ethically sourced and sheared from free-range sheep raised in the German Austrian Alps. This virgin wool of these sheep is gently cleansed with water whilst leaving the naturally occurring lanolin in the wool ready to heal your baby’s sore bottom. For centuries, people have used the fleece from sheep which secretes lanolin or “wool wax,” for its nourishing, anti-inflammatory effect and promotion of blood circulation.  

No Plastic

There is no plastic packaging and no sticky mess as there is from lanolin or barrier creams. You can just pop a little Magical Wool in your baby’s nappy and feel great that you are using a sustainable natural product that contains no chemicals to help look after your baby’s sensitive skin. When you change your baby’s nappy you simply discard the wool and can place a new piece of Magical Wool in the clean nappy. This healing wool can even be left in your baby’s nappy overnight in order to prevent any future skin irritation or rashes from occurring. Easy!

Magical Wool strives to keep things as natural as possible | Image taken by: Nick Fewings 

From the source

When you order Magical Wool it will arrive in eco-friendly packaging that is made of sugar cane as opposed to plastic. Our healing wool is free from dyes, preservatives and fragrances. It is also ideal for use with sensitive skin, it is alcohol free and is made in a pesticide free environment. Magical Wool is committed to providing you with mulesed-free wool which means that the sheep have not undergone the widespread painful procedure of having strips of healthy skin removed. There are no additives or chemicals added to our healing wool and there is no need to use any other creams in conjunction with it.

Magical Wool is now available in pharmacies, health food shops and online ordering. We offer free tracked shipping worldwide.

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Magical Wool - for your little lamb


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